Elika, Leo, Daphne and Gus at "Halloween Spooktacular" Elika and Rich have three young children.

Leo is 10 years old and leaves no doubt that he is the “big” brother in the family.  He plans on being a world-class soccer star and working to cure cancer.

Gus is 4 years old.  Gus garners many playdate invitations since he’s such an easy-going boy; however, his favorite playmates of all are his siblings.  He is absolutely the cuddly “Gussy Bear” Elika always would sing about.

Daphne is just 2 years old.  She is the spitting-image of Elika in looks and spirit.  She is very protective of “mommy things” like Mommy’s teddy bear.  She is vocal and adorable… just like Elika.


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